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Entering Chinasun

Founded in 1997, the company is a manufacturer of organic peroxides and chemical reagents. Since its establishment, Chinasun has enjoyed robust growth brought about by the strong development of the industry, meeting the needs of customers around the world by providing competitive products and solutions driven by technological innovation and customer service. Stock abbreviation: Chinasun Stock, Stock Code: 831184.

About us

Founded in 1997, the company is a manufacturer of organic peroxides and chemical reagents. Stock abbreviation: Chinasun Stock, Stock Code: 831184.

Corporate Values

Transparent, Honest, Fair and Ethical

Company Vision
Providing Long term solutions in the field of Organic peroxides and Chemical reagents


Development History

Years of relentless efforts to forge ahead



Attain Many Honorary Awards

Innovation and development                 
Products and Solutions

     Chinasun Specialty Products Co., Ltd is committed to be your preferred supplier of organic peroxides and chemical reagents. We seek to grow together with our customers by creating comparative advantages in exceeding expectations.
Product Introduction                 
Application field                 

Development Strategy

Technical Capabilities







Japanese scientists have developed an organic luminous ma...

1.Oxidants should be stored in a clean, cool, ventilated and dry warehouse.Keep away from fire an...


(1) the definitionOrganic peroxides are liquid or solid o...

Media perspective
Industry news
Promotional video of jiangsu qiangsheng functional chemical co., LTD

Pursuing the Concept of Sustainable Development and Laying a Solid Foundation for Chinasun

Actively participate in welfare activities to bring help and positive contributions to society

Actively participate in the green environmental protection and recycling initiatives.

Chinasun Specialty Products Co.,Ltd seeks sustainable growth through value creation for our Customers, Shareholders, Employees and Society. We strive for a harmonious relations amongst all stakeholders as we embrace Societal Responsible Care.

Green Development For The Society

Concept of responsibility
Charity and Societal Welfare
Green environmental protection

Party building activities

Carry out Party building activities, carry forward social positive energy and highlight the social value of companies.

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